TWICE - SET ME FREE (Remixes) [2023.03.17✕MP3✕RAR]

TWICE - SET ME FREE (Remixes) [2023.03.17✕MP3✕RAR]

Detail: TWICE - SET ME FREE (Remixes)   
Artist & TitleTWICE - SET ME FREE (Remixes)
File Formatmp3
Release Date2023.03.17

South Korean girl group TWICE (트와이스) has once again proven their musical prowess with the release of their latest album "SET ME FREE". The album, which dropped on March 17, 2023, contains a total of seven tracks, including the title track "SET ME FREE" in English and Korean, as well as several remixes of the same song.

The album's title track "SET ME FREE" is an upbeat dance-pop song that features TWICE's signature catchy hooks and dynamic choreography. The song's lyrics convey a message of empowerment and freedom, encouraging listeners to break free from societal constraints and be their true selves.

In addition to the original version of "SET ME FREE", the album also features three remixes of the song by Lindgren, Tommy "TBHits" Brown, and ARMNHMR. Each remix offers a unique take on the original song, with Lindgren's remix infusing elements of EDM, TBHits' remix incorporating R&B influences, and ARMNHMR's remix showcasing a more experimental sound.

Aside from "SET ME FREE", the album also includes six other tracks that showcase TWICE's versatility as artists. "HAPPY DAY" is a cheerful and upbeat track that celebrates the joy of spending time with loved ones, while "REASON TO BELIEVE" is a soulful ballad that showcases the group's vocal prowess.

Other tracks on the album include "DREAM ON", a mid-tempo song that encourages listeners to pursue their dreams and never give up, and "RIGHT NOW", a song that highlights the importance of living in the present moment. "BRING IT ON" is a high-energy dance track that features powerful vocals and a catchy beat, while "MAGICAL" is a whimsical and enchanting song that transports listeners to a world of fantasy and wonder.

Overall, "SET ME FREE" is a diverse and dynamic album that showcases TWICE's growth as artists and their ability to explore different musical genres. With their infectious energy and catchy melodies, TWICE has once again proven why they are one of the most beloved girl groups in the world.

If you're a fan of TWICE or just love upbeat, catchy pop music, be sure to check out "SET ME FREE" and experience the magic of this talented girl group for yourself!

Tracklist: TWICE (트와이스) - SET ME FREE (Remixes) mp3

1. TWICE (트와이스) - SET ME FREE (ENG)
2. TWICE (트와이스) - SET ME FREE
3. TWICE (트와이스) - SET ME FREE (Lindgren Remix) (ENG)
4. TWICE (트와이스) - SET ME FREE (Lindgren Remix)
5. TWICE (트와이스) - SET ME FREE (Tommy “TBHits” Brown Remix) (ENG)
6. TWICE (트와이스) - SET ME FREE (Tommy “TBHits” Brown Remix)
7. TWICE (트와이스) - SET ME FREE (ARMNHMR Remix) (ENG)

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